Monotype technique

As you can glean from the word itself, a mono-type is a way of creating a single print on paper. It is made by painting or drawing an image on a smooth plate of metal, and then pressing a sheet of paper onto it, so as to transfer the ink or paint from the metal to the paper. This can be done with oil based paint, or water based ink. In case of  painting with watery paint or ink, the paper needs to be damp, so as to re-liquify the ink to make the transfer.

Garlic and its flower, a monotype by François Dupuis  

One single monotype print

You will notice on this site, that we mention the maximum edition (the amount of prints made) of the engravings and etchings. The prints are numbered, for instance from 1/30 to 30/30. This is not necessary for monotype prints, since there is only one single unique print.